Monday, January 10, 2011

Draw squares & circles with GIMP

Today I realized I don't have a clue how to draw circles or squares in GIMP.

I knew how to do it in MS Paint, but Paint draws everything 1 pixel wide... I wanted thicker squares.

I opened GIMP but didn't have a clue how to draw squares... I could select squares but that was all.

So, I found this very nice video that shows how to do it. Here it is!

Have fun drawing circles...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Minecraft recv failed error... fixed!

OK. A lot of people seem to have this problem. Finally, I managed to fix it for myself!

This problem is quite common with Minecraft Survival Multiplayer.

Basically, the problem goes like this: you connect to a server, maybe manage to do something for some minutes, and then you eventually hang up with the message:
Internal exception: java.netSocketException: Software caused connection abort: recv failed

For some, this comes instantly. Some fall straight into the void and cannot communicate through the chat, although they see the others talk. Some even get to mine something for a while. But then it all ends with this message.

It seems that this problem is due to two things: certain integrated network adapters and their old / buggy drivers, and the current buggy state of Minecraft multiplayer mode.

Also, some people report that the problem may occur due to incorrect port forwarding. With me, this was not the case.

Solutions that work for some people (but didn't work for me)...

The first thing to do is to try shutting down your firewall program. That didn't help for me.

Second, try this: (this is for XP, should be similar in Windows 7 or other versions)
1) Open Control Panel, click on System, click on hardware tab, click "Device Manager"
2) Find your network adapter and go to it's properties
3) Go to Advanced and change property "Transmit Buffers" from 256 to 512.
For me, this didn't work - I did not have such a property in there.

But finally, I figured out a third fix that finally worked for me!

The fix

The fix was actually very simple. You need to update your ethernet adapter's drivers. The hardest part was finding the updated drivers.

1) Find out the make of your ethernet adapter.
2) Get a new driver for the adapter.

If the adapter is not integrated, and is on a separate card you can look for the model on the ethernet card, or by looking at the device manager for model name (see above).

If the adapter is integrated onto the motherboard, you need to find out the make of your motherboard.

That task is very easy with a nice free program called CPU-Z. You can download the software from CPUID webpage for free.

Here's CPU-Z showing info about my crappy old motherboard.

From the above screenshot you can see how the CPU-Z interface looks like.

So, I found out that my motherboard is a K8N made by ASUS. So, I went to the ASUS support site and searched for drivers. Unfortunately, the drivers on the site hadn't been updated at all! They were the same shitty old drivers from 2004 that I had already!

What then, I thought. I was already thinking of getting some new ethernet card...

Then I noticed NVIDIA was the maker of the chipset and the ethernet adapter. Maybe they had newer drivers? By googling "nforce3 drivers" I found a link to a NVIDIA support page with a bit newer drivers (2005 I recall). After installing the newer drivers from NVIDIA, it finally worked!!!

I logged onto a server and just wandered around for ages looking at giant buildings.

I have to be careful I don't waste too much time playing this.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you!

PS. If you have any problems, ask away!

New blog... again!

Hi all,

Since posts about computer fixes / hacks didn't fit the earlier two blogs I had set up, I decided to start a new one to keep things tidy. So, this will be my blog about various computer tricks & problems I run across.

Thanks for reading!