Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fix live streams in Kodi Youtube plugin

I had problems with the Kodi Youtube plugin where it didn't want to play live streams.

To fix that error, do the following in Kodi:
  • Open the Kodi Youtube addon
  • From left side options menu, select "Addon settings"
  • Select "MPEG-DASH" subpage
  • Check "Use MPEG-DASH" and press OK.
That should be all!

But for me, it didn't work at first. Shortly after I set that up, Kodi decided to crash and restart. Luckily after that everything worked.

So you might want to try to restart Kodi if it doesn't work at first.

You should also have the "Inputstream Adaptive" plugin installed and up to date. You can check this in by:
  • Select Add-ons 
  • Select My addons
  • Select All
  • Scroll down to "InputStream Adaptive"
You might want to check it's settings and check for updates.

Versions I have at the time of writing:

Kodi 17.6
Youtube plugin 5.5.1 by bromix