Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Installing & using Lightscribe in Ubuntu Linux

Download the Lightscribe Simple Labeler software

The Lightscribe Simple Labeler for Linux can be downloaded from the Lightscribe homepage for free. You also need to download and install the Lightscribe System Software package. After agreeing to the license terms, download the "deb package" if you use Ubuntu (Ubuntu uses debian-style package management).

Download Lightscribe System Software
Download Lightscribe Simple Labeler

The main download page for Linux Lightscribe software

Install the software

I'm not sure if it matters, but I installed the Lightscribe System Software package (lightscribe- first. Find the packages where you downloaded them and double-click on them (or single-click, depending on your Ubuntu configuration. Anyway, run them).

Install the .deb packages

The Ubuntu package manager window comes up. Click on the "Install Package" button and wait a while. Repeat these steps for the "lightscribeApplications" package. You now have Lightscribe installed on your system!

Running Lightscribe Simple Labeler

To run the Lightscribe Simple Labeler, open up a terminal window (from Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal), copy-paste or type this command and press enter:

The welcome screen of the Lightscribe Simple Labeler

The welcome screen appears. It works! Click Next, to go on.

Example label settings

Edit your label according to your likes and press Next to see the results.

The label with the example label settings.
The font size cannot be changed and custom pictures can't be used. You can use one of the provided decorations, such as the tribal shown in the next pic:

Another label design with some tribal decoration.

That's it. It's not giving you much freedom and the font size could be bigger, but anyway with this you can label your discs in an easy way.


Ubuntu Community Documentation - Lightscribe
Linux.com - Lightscribe disc labelers for GNU/Linux

Edit: I found another program, DiscWrapper, which is capable of printing much more complicated designs through the LaCie's Lightscribe application. I'll be writing about it soon I quess :)
Discwrapper homepage on sourceforge.net