Monday, July 16, 2012

Get Nokia E90 Maps working with the old Map Loader and PC Suite

I wanted to update my E90 and get some maps for my old Nokia E90 Communicator, but the new Nokia Suite program doesn't support E90 anymore. Nokia Suite just kept telling me that the device isn't connected.

I contacted Nokia and they let me know that the old Nokia PC Suite (different from Nokia Suite!) might work. You can still download Nokia PC Suite from Nokia website.

Well, after removing Nokia Suite and installing Nokia PC Suite, I finally got the Communicator linked to my PC. But unfortunately it doesn't work very well. Map download doesn't work but just throws you to Nokia Maps website. And the phone updater starts an install that never finishes :(

But at least I could now install some software on the phone and download images and recordings from it.

I started searching for a solution to the map loading problem and found a download link for Nokia Map Loader on CNET. After all this failing support for E90, I was surprised to find out that it actually still works!
With both the Map Loader and PC Suite running, I was able to select and download maps from the internet to the phone and they worked perfectly.