Thursday, June 12, 2014

Android browser size comparison

Hey there folks! This post isn't actually a PC tip but an Android one.

I wanted some kind of list of the installation file sizes of the most popular Andriod browsers. I couldn't find one, so I made it myself.

This is based on the installation size info on Google Play on 12. June 2014.

From smallest to biggest, here it the list of Android 2.3.6. browsers compared by file size:

1. Lighting 186KB
2. Opera Mini 1.03MB
3. Ninesky Browser 1.29MB
4. Next Browser 4.02MB
5. Baidu Browser 5.28MB
6. Maxthon Browser 5.72MB
7. Boat Browser 7.67MB
8. ONE Browser 7.91MB
9. Dolphin 8.45MB
10. Mobile Classic (by Opera) 9.32MB
11. UC browser 12.83MB 
12. Firefox 28.34MB

If size matters, you might want to choose Lighting, since it by far the smallest of the more popular browsers out there.

The biggest of this list is Firefox, which is a whopping 152 times bigger than Lighting browser!

Lighting browser relies on Android's integrated browsing capabilities, which makes the small file size possible.